“Arshay Cooper is a one of a kind. A remarkable individual with the ability to inspire anyone he comes into contact with. He has a deep and soulful energy that captivates and awakens the spirit within.”

Charlie Rose, Senior Vice President of City Year Inc.

“Arshay Cooper is a true rebel against the defect of one's mind and true inspiration of today's youth. Arshay is a powerful individual that speaks about adversity and achieving one's highest potential. I cannot only call him a pioneer, but a Warrior through life and also an inspiration to me.”

–Uriah Hall, Top Middle Weight UFC Fighter

“Arshay Cooper is a born motivator, teacher, and leader of people. He is the voice of this generation and has shown wisdom beyond his years. He is bringing the next generation onto bigger heights and bigger visions no one thought were imaginable. His speeches always hits home.”

-Kelvin Gastelum, UFC Top Welter Weight Contender

"Arshay Cooper is a rare soul who embodies wisdom and awareness beyond his years. He is a born motivator whose message reaches all who listen. He is a true inspiration."

- Dave Kiley, High School Wrestling Coach

"Arshay spoke to our teens at their level; relating to them close enough that they listened, while inspiring them to aim higher. His vulnerable and candid testimony yielded an instant connection of hope and encouragement."

–James Hill, Boys Town New York

"Arshay Cooper is one of the most genuine people I have had the honor of meeting. They say resistance builds strength, Arshay has seen his share of struggle, his ability to overcome, draw from, and share as both a motivator and pubic speaker is a story that needs to be both heard and told.”

–Jamie Huey, Extreme Couture Boxing Coach

“Arshay Cooper has a very inspirational story and his charisma and enthusiasm is contagious to all who meet him. Arshay is a man on a mission to bring inspiration to all he meets.”

-Tom Kilkenny Host East Coast MMA Show, Promoter Aggressive Combat Championships

“Arshay Cooper came "home" to share his journey from childhood to adulthood and how his educational experiences influenced his life to inspire the man that he has become. His story captivated Penn's 8th grade graduates because many of them are traveling a similar path. Thank you Arshay for letting them know that their situations are not hopeless and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

–Dr. Ollie, Principal of William Penn

“Arshay ability to connect with the at-risk youth we serve was spell binding! Though it has been a couple of weeks since his presentation, the residents are still talking about him and many of them are actively reading his book. We want each of our young people to know that they too can change the world. Arshay life story encourages our residents and thousands more to believe in themselves while achieving greatness even when the odds are stacked against them.”

-Thaddaeus Hill, Director of Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch

“Our students naturally gravitated towards Arshay.They were clearly very comfortable in his presence and felt a connection.Arshay's retelling of his story allowed students to share their personal stories in a real way. His message allowed the team bond to grow even stronger.”

-Amit Bahl, Principal at Urban Dove Team Charter School

"This was a great opportunity for my students. Many of them have encountered similar challenges as Mr. Cooper and can relate to his past struggles." It was very inspiring to have Mr. Cooper share his story and how he overcame obstacles in his life. Many students are motivated and determined to succeed regardless of their situation. We definitely need more people like Arshay to continue to inspire students for generations to come.”

–Tameka Robinson, Principal at Santaluces Community High School

“Arshay Cooper encapsulates goal setting, hard work, and internal drive. It has propelled him to be a success in any aspect of his life. He is a true inspiration and I am better for knowing him.”

-Jessica Penne, UFC Top Straw Weight Contender

“Arshay Cooper came of age under all-too familiar circumstances that have broken others. But he emerged instead with the original soul of a poet and a singular, driving passion to share, and to connect, and to improve. Arshay inspires.”

–Nicole Rittenmyer, Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker

"I've know Arshay Cooper for quite some time now and every time he speaks, it's been very insightful and inspirational. Arshay uses life applicable principles to motivate and inspire everyone that listens.”

–Mark Munoz, NCAA National Wrestling Champion and Wrestling Coach.

“ I purchased Arshay book a week ago and I read it cover to cover. I honestly cannot remember the last time I've read a book cover to cover that wasn't assigned for school. Reading has never really been fun to me--I've never seen it as a hobby so I usually don't spend my down time doing it. However, I read Arshay book and I couldn't put it down at all. It was such an inspiring and motivational inspired me so much that I listed Suga Water as the most influential part of my summer for my UPenn pre-college questionnaire. I hope many others get the chance to read it and be inspired. THANK YOU for sharing this precious story!”

-Jerel Blades, University Of Pennsylvania Soccer Player